STEELTOES & STILETTOS is a building industry event bringing the risk of asbestos to the big stage. Tradies, both male and female, are matched with models on a catwalk in the heart of the Perth CBD nightlife.

Reflections, a not-for-profit focused on reducing the impact of asbestos on our community, in partnership with Master Builders and the Housing Industry Association, is offering you the opportunity to join us in bringing this exciting event to life. An event which is focused on increasing awareness of the risks of asbestos while also raising funds for medical research into a treatment for the terminal cancer, mesothelioma.

With the highest rates of mesothelioma in the world and significant amounts of in-situ asbestos in our built environment, asbestos has left a devastating legacy in WA. Raising awareness in the construction industry is crucial, and this landmark event will also help spread the message to the wider community.

John Gelavis


“As a supporter of the inaugural Steeltoes & Stilettos event to be held in 2019, Master Builders salute the active role that Reflections Through Reality plays in raising awareness of the fatal risk of dealing with asbestos in the building and construction industry.

Events such as these will bring the asbestos message to a wider audience and help make young people aware of the terrible outcomes associated with this dangerous substance.”

John Gelavis, Executive Director
Master Builders

Michael McLean


“Steel toes & stilettos won’t protect you from exposure to asbestos, but this event will help us to increase awareness of the dangers.

More importantly, raising funds for researchers to find a cure for asbestos-related disease will help save the lives of those who have contracted a life-threatening illness through exposure to asbestos fibres.”

Michael McLean, Reflections Ambassador


Dale Alcock


“There remains an ongoing danger to our tradies and everyone working on sites where materials containing asbestos are present. Too many people have the impression that asbestos is a thing of the past, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

There needs to be greater awareness and education as to the risks involved. Only through ongoing focus in this area will we truly reduce the impact of asbestos-related deaths in our community.”

Dale Alcock, Group Managing Director
ABN Group, Reflections Ambassador


Cath Hart


“The risk of exposure to asbestos fibres in the built environment is an issue which will need on going attention by everybody involved in the building industry for decades to come.

Steeltoes & Stilettos is a great initiative for the industry to support and HIA is proud to partner with Reflections in raising awareness of the impact of asbestos in the community and the much needed funding required to underpin research into finding a cure for the dreaded mesothelioma disease.”

Cath Hart, Executive Director
Housing Industry Association


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