Tradies, both male and female, sign up and raise funds to walk the catwalk with a model. There are several runway categories, each representing different trades (eg. plumbers, electricians, carpenters, etc). The top ten fundraisers in each category will earn the right to ‘strut their stuff’ beside a model on the night. An esteemed judging panel will choose the top two tradies from each heat who will represent their trade in a ‘Runway Grand Final’. Great prizes will be awarded...so...may the best tradies win!

Tickets include a red carpet entry to the event (complete with paparazzi and Perth-onalities), canapes and drinks which will be served throughout the evening.


Jo Morris and Dale Alcock

Jo Morris and Dale Alcock

Managing Direct of the ABN Group Dale Alcock and Reflections Operations Manager Jo Morris share a very personal connection through asbestos, with their fathers both diagnosed with Mesothelioma in February 2010. Since losing their fathers to this insidious disease, Dale and Jo have used their influence and connections to share the important message of awareness, in the hope of reducing the impact of asbestos in future generations. 

“Steeltoes & Stilettos is an opportunity for the building industry to come together for an evening of fun and fundraising whilst raising awareness about asbestos, particularly amongst those most commonly affected by it,” Jo says.

“In its first year, we want to kick off this event with a bang and we invite everyone in Perth to step up and play their part. Grab your tickets and come along to Perth’s newest venue, Coconut Grove, have some fun and help us shine the light on the effects of asbestos in WA."


Russel and Carol Bramston
Russell and Carole Bramston

Russell and Carole represented WA and were runners up in the final of Channel Seven’s House Rules competition in 2014.

“During the six months of filming, our relationship was certainly tested,” Carole said. “Every day posed another problem, but we survived the ordeal with the support of everyone back home in WA.”

Inspired by her love of design and Russell’s talent at anything he turns his hand to, they decided to open a small renovating business, named Design Rules by Carole and Russell. 

“On the back of this, we were approached by Channel Nine to host a series called New Homes Guide TV, promoting products now available in the building industry,” she said.

“Now we’re gearing up to host the inaugural Steeltoes & Stilettos event and we are so happy to be able to support and donate our time to be a part of it.

“Unfortunately, asbestos has been used and is found in a vast amount of building products in the past and events like this are a brilliant way to increase the awareness of the extreme health dangers asbestos presents. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing you there for a fun night and a worthy cause!"



Coconut Grove_Skydeck_compressed.jpgCoconut Grove_Skydeck_2_compressed.jpg

Coconut Grove, Entertainment Enterprises newest bar located in the heart of Perth’s nightlife district, will be hosting the inaugural Steeltoes & Stilettos event.

With its massive rooftop bar overlooking the Perth city skyline, Coconut Grove offers a unique atmosphere and ‘vibe’ of its own. Add to that an 8m runway, lights and cameras and all we need is the action. That’s where you come in!

Located at 161 James Street, Northbridge. City of Perth parking is available nearby at 68 Roe Street.


Coconut Grove, 161 James Street, Northbridge

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